Our event attendee badges have built-in RFID technology. This enables each attendee to be tracked seamlessly around the venue, while remaining undisturbed. Scanners placed at key locations (entrances, reception areas and presentation rooms) monitor attendee movements. You’ll have unsurpassed insight into your attendee’s behaviours and preferences, all in real time. The quantifiable data delivered by EventMetrics provides a means to measure ROI, and ultimately, the success of your event. You can:

  • Monitor attendance levels and visitor demographics
  • Locate individual attendees
  • Identify areas withhigh dwell time through live heat maps
  • View any attendee’s event journey
  • Evaluate your completed event,using our post-event EventMetrics report
  • Look up names on arrival, and print name badges in less than 2 seconds


Engage your visitors and encourage live audience participation at your events using our SMS software to produce interactive Q&A sessions and live polling. Give your visitors the power to submit questions, comments and vote on topics using any device which can send an SMS, with real time results. The software is fully customisable, so you can edit the way your results are displayed to reflect your brand; from colours and fonts to layouts and imagery. Responses can be seamlessly integrated into your PowerPoint or Keynote presentations and you have the option of moderating your responses before they are shared with the audience.

We will provide all of the data from your questions and responses for post-event analysis so you can draw insights and conclusions from your interactions.


Let your delegates know where and when a session is on with digital signage. Our digital signage provides your delegates with real time agenda and message information on a wide variety of display devices. With fully customisable graphic and layout options to meet your needs, our system can also display different content at different physical locations. Additionally, LiveView can be integrated with your own database systems; delivering seamless integration of up-to-date schedule information. It’s able to incorporate time-of-day sensitive information perfect for many different devices. This is perfect for getting your audience exactly where you want them to be.

“Excellent service, professional service, knowledgeable service, nothing was a problem, events were slick and well managed from start to finish, superb all round set up, will work with no one else.”

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