Investing in ‘Widescreen Blending’ technology

Leading technical event staging supplier Blitz|GES has expanded its inventory of Barco E2 screen management systems.

The widescreen blending technology enables content from multiple sources, such as videos, PowerPoint presentations and hand held device displays, to be seamlessly brought together on a single canvas.


The Barco E2 offers the ideal solution for event organisers who want to create impressive backdrops using dynamic content, which helps raise the production value of their events, create impact and ultimately engage their audience.


Providing superior image quality, the Barco E2 is the first and only screen management system on the market that can manage a 4k projector blend.  Offering true flexibility and versatility, the system includes eight independent PIP mixers and is capable of accepting up to 28 inputs to 14 outputs for full show control with a single box.


Paul Hutton, Blitz|GES’ managing director, commented, “We have various video screen management products on our fleet but we have been so impressed with Barco’s E2 it will be the system of choice for the majority of our wide and multiscreen events in the future.”