The Roundhouse re-commissioned Curtain Call for their 50th anniversary celebrations. After receiving critical acclaim in 2011, internationally-renowned artist, architect and designer, Ron Arad has reinvented the experience by inviting new collaborators to produce commissions, along with returning artists from 2011. The floor-to-ceiling curtain is made from 5,600 eight-meter-high silicon rods which are suspended from a ring, creating a 56-meter-circumference canvas for film, live performance and audience interaction. The visuals are displayed via twelve 8,000 lumen Barco projectors,producing a seamless screen at 13,440 x 1,920 pixels. Control and playback is implemented via 12 Dataton Watchout display PCs from bespoke server hardware.

Visual artists have submitted works that utilise the 360⁰ screen and surround sound audio. Visitors are encouraged to view the visual creations by walking through the silicon rods to enjoy a fully immersive experience.  A series of unique music events will take places within the installation throughout the month, including BBC Proms and the London Contemporary Orchestra.

“The installation has once again surpassed my expectations. A truly captivating experience for everyone to enjoy and a fantastic celebration of the Roundhouse”.

Ron Arad

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